Memorial Museum-estate of Academician I. P. Pavlov (Мемориальный музей-усадьба академика И.П. Павлова)

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is the scientist of world-wide reputation, the first Russian Nobel prize winner in the field of medicine and physiology (1904), the honorary member of 132 academic communities, the Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Cambridge.


The Memorial Museum-estate complex has two houses, the garden, the “gorodki” and croquet playing ground and the household outbuildings.

The memorial museum of academician I.P. Pavlov was founded in 1946.  The interior decorations and furniture of the house were built in the middle of the 19th century restored to the full by reference to the photos and other documented sources.

The Museum has two main parts. The first is the Pavlov’s parents house, the exposition acquaints with a way of life in the 19th century in the estate of the provincial town. Pavlov spent his childhood and youth in this house. The other house was built by Pavlov’s father, now there is the science museum of I.P. Pavlov scientific activities and researchers in the field of digestion physiology, blood circulation, and higher nervous activity.

The Memorial Museum-estate complex of academician I.P. Pavlov is a very cozy museum with welcoming staff, definitely recommended for visiting.

Open hours and price

Tuesday-Friday  – from 9 to 18

Saturday-Sunday – from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday, last Friday of each month

Ticket price

200 rubles, accompanied by a member of staff (Russian language)

It is available to get an excursion in English, please contact the Museum in advance for that.  Request the tour in the English language by phone +7 (4912) 25-40-72 or by e-mail museumpavlov@mail.ru

How to get to the Memorial Museum-estate of Academician I. P. Pavlov

25, Pavlov street, Ryazan

In Russian – Рязань, ул. Павлова, 25


Memorial Museum-estate of Academician I. P. Pavlov in the Russian, and English languages

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