Art Gallery “Victor Ivanov and Ryazan land” (Галерея «Виктор Иванов и земля Рязанская»)


The small art gallery of Victor Ivanov’s works is opened in Ryazan since 2004.

IVANV-51The paintings by V.I. Ivanov provides extensive coverage of the life of countrymen in the middle part of Russia of the 20th century. The painter spent his childhood in the old Russian villages of Ryassy, Isady, Agramakovo of Ryazan region among the peasants, and surrounding people will have become the characters of his pictures.

Victor Ivanov is a painter-philosopher; he created a collection of works about a cycle of human life – from birth to death.

The paintings of V.I. Ivanov are exhibited in the largest museums in Russia, such as the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg.  The self-portrait of the painter is presented in the Uffizi Gallery (Florence, Italy).


Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday from 11 to 19

Day off – Monday and last Friday of each month

Ticket office

Tuesday – Sunday from 11 to 18

Day off – Monday and last Friday of each month

How to get to the Art Gallery “Victor Ivanov and Ryazan land”

14, Pervomaysky prospect, Ryazan


Art gallery “Victor Ivanov and Ryazan land”  in the Russian language

Biography and reproductions of Victor Ivanov in the Russian language

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