Ryazan Historical Architectural Museum Preserve (Историко-архитектурный музей-заповедник «Рязанский Кремль»)

The location of the Ryazan Historical Architectural Museum Preserve makes this place more than just a museum. The Ryazan historical museum collection was started in 1884. In 1923 the Museum moved into the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin, and since that time the Kremlin objects and the museum collections have been developing an integral whole.


There is a location of the old Russian town of Pereyaslavl Ryazansky which was founded in 1095. The town was named Ryazan in 1778 after the previous principal city, which was crushed by Mongolian army.

The museums and objects are opened to visitors in the Ryazan Kremlin:

The Belfry (1789-1840)

The unique belfry in the manner of Classicism, the tallest construction in the territory of the Kremlin (83 meters).

Cathedral of the Dormition, Ryazan, RussiaThe Cathedral of the Assumption (1693-1699)

The monument of old Russian architecture, iconography, and sculpture. The Cathedral of 72 meters was one of the largest constructions of the 17-18th centuries.

At the present time, the church service is provided in the summertime.

 The Nativity Cathedral (15-19th centuries)

The Cathedral was founded in the 15th century and was redesigned many times, became nearly allied to the Classicism of the 19th century after the last change. Initially, the Cathedral was the tomb of Ryazan princes and princesses.

At the present time, the church service is provided.

The Church of the Holy Spirit with the bell-tower (1642)

The church belongs to the type of the unique, seldom found two-tent churches of the first part of the 17th century.

Now it is used as the scientific library of the museum.

Palace of Prince Oleg, Ryazan, RussiaThe Grand Prince Oleg Palace (17-19th centuries)

The largest civil building in the Ryazan Kremlin.  It is supposed that the princely yard was in this place till the 16th century, and the palace is called in honor of the Ryazan Prince Oleg (died in 1402). There were the bishops’ accommodation, the chapel, and the brethren’s cells.

At the present time, there is the exposition “From Medieval Russia to Russian State of the 19th century”. The special attention is drawn by the model of the old Ryazan.

The Archangel Cathedral (15-17th centuries)

The former Ryazan princely church and bishops’ tomb.

 корпусThe Choir building (17th century)

The Choir building has the title because of the choir’s rehearsals doing here. The interior of the building has the form of typical residential sections of the 17th century.

The exposition “According to Russian Grandparents” in the Choir building presents the state of life of the townspeople in the 17th century, the countrymen activities and crafts, the patterns of dwellings and traditional dresses.

You can take a picture in a period piece costume in the old-time Russian interior.

The Consistory office building (17th century).

The civil building which was used as a church archive and justice court.

At the present time, there is the exposition “The Central Russia Nature” and the Museum Theatre “When Things Appeared Talking.” There is a skeleton of mammoth among the exhibits which was made of the bones were found in the surrounding lands.

ЧерниThe Monks Hostelry, or the storehouse (17th century)

Initially, it was the barns for storage of grain and other provisions. It is the only stone construction which has remained in Russia with the same functions. In the middle of the 19th century, the barns have been adapted for the hostelry for the monks.

At the present time, there is the exhibition “The Russian Army history” from the 12th century with weapons, military garments, photos, documents and letters, spoils of wars.

The exposition “Pereyaslavl Ryazansky: Archeology breaks the secrets” on the second floor presents the pieces of local archeological excavations.

 The Church of the Epiphany (17th century)

The church was built in the form of the typically Moscow churches of the 17th century.

The Cathedral of Transfiguration (18th century)

At the present time, the church service is provided in the Cathedral.

The Nobility Hotel (17-19th centuries)

The building of the Nobility Hotel consists of two parts occurring at different times of construction, which were connected at the beginning of the 20th century by the chapel. There had been accommodation till the recent time. At the present time, the religious seminary is placed there.

 The gates, walls, and lodges of the Spassky monastery (18-19th centuries)

The Spassky Monastery is the oldest monastery in Ryazan, known since the 15th century. At the present time, the lost wall fragment from Eastside and two towers have been reconstructed.

Open hours and price

The territory of the Ryazan Kremlin is open 24 hours and free of charge.

 The Museums:

  • The Grand Prince Oleg Palace – Wednesday – Sunday – from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday, Tuesday, last Wednesday of each month.

  • The Choir building – Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday – from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday, Wednesday, last Tuesday of each month.

  • The Monks Hostelry – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday – from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday, Thursday, last Friday of each month.

  • The Consistory office building – Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday, Friday, last Thursday of each month.

Ticket office

Tuesday – Sunday  from 10 to 17.15

Day off – Monday

Ticket price

Entire ticket for all expositions and exhibitions of the museum-preserve – 450 rubles.

Ticket for children under 16 years old is free of charge.

The excursions in English are available in all the objects. Request for more information about tours by e-mail museum@riamz.ru or by phone +7 4912 27-60-66.

How to get to the Ryazan Historical Architectural Museum Preserve

15, Kremlin, Ryazan


The Ryazan Historical Architectural Museum Preserve website in the Russian, and English languages

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