The State Museum-reserve of Sergey Esenin (Государственный музей-заповедник С.А. Есенина, село Константиново)

The village of Konstantinovo is situated in a picturesque bank of the river Oka in Ryazan Region. The village is known by the Russian poet Sergey Esenin who was born here in 1895. Sergey Esenin was a lyric poet; all his works were suffused with devotion to his native land.  Life in Konstantinovo became the beginning of Esenin poetic genius and inspiration.


The first mention about Konstantinovo had been in 1619. It was an estate with slaves until 1861 when the Emancipation Edict was signed. To 1879 all the slaves in Konstantinovo became the free landowners.

In 1879 the zemskaya school was opened in Konstantinovo.

A zemstvo – is a local elected council.

The zemskaya school (1864 – 1917 years in the Russian Empire) is a school for children of age from 8 to 12 years old, without regard to gender, prosperity or confession. Duration of education in a zemskaya school was 3 or 4 years. Education was free.

After the Revolution of 1917, the estate was confiscated in the profit of a new government. The manor house was used as an orphanage, and later as accommodation for teachers. Since 1969 till present, the manor house belongs to the museum.

Three reasons to visit the village of Konstantinovo:

  • To see a pattern of a village of the end of 19th – the beginning of 20th centuries in Central Russia;
  • To get acquainted with biography and works of one of the most famous Russian poets Sergey Esenin;
  • To walk in the picturesque and restful place.

DSC_1214The museums and objects are opened to visitors in the State museum-reserve of Sergey Esenin:

  • Museum of the poem «Anna Snegina» in the former manor house;
  • Country-estate of Sergey Esenin parents;
  • The church of Kazan God’s Mother Icon;
  • Priest I.Y. Smirnov’s house;
  • Zemskaya school;
  • Exhibition-commercial center, café, and store.

Open hours and price

April – October: daily from 10 to 18

November – March: Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday

Ticket office

April – October: daily from 10 to 17.00

November – March: Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 17.00

Day off – Monday

Ticket price  – 350 rubles

The excursions in the foreign languages are available on request. The tours can be held in Russian with a translator of yours.

Request for more information about excursions by e-mail info@museum-esenin.ru or by phone  +7 49137 33-2-57.

How to get

Ryazan region, Rybnovsky area, Konstantinovo (40 km from Ryazan)

In Russian – с. Константиново, Рыбновский р-н, Рязанской обл.

  1. Bus “Ryazan-Rybnoye-Konstantinovo-Vakino” from the Central bus terminal. Bus terminal address: 31, Moskovskoye shosse, Ryasan (Московское шоссе, 31)

Schedule: daily at 6.10; 9.40; 13.40; 18.35.

Return to Ryazan: bus “Konstantinovo – Ryazan”

Schedule: daily at 7.25; 11.00; 15.00; 20.00.

  1. Take a taxi from Ryazan. Approximately rate of the trip:
  • 800 rubles for the trip from Ryazan to Konstantinovo;
  • 1100 rubles for the trip from Konstantinovo to Ryazan.

Just in case have the contacts of several taxi services.


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