Ostankino TV Tower (Останкинская башня)

A Clear day is a good reason to get a bird’s-eye view of Moscow, to see all 12-million city from edge to edge. The highest observation deck in Moscow to make it is Ostankino TV Tower.

television tower

The Ostankino Tower appeared in Moscow in 1967, at the time of brisk growth of television. The color broadcast in USSR started in 3 days after the Tower was opened. To the end of construction, the Ostankino TV Tower 540 meters high became the highest construction in the world. Now the TV Tower in Ostankino is included in the list of the tallest freestanding structure in the world and still the tallest in Europe.

The Tower was designed in a form of the reversed lily flower. Sway stability of the Ostankino TV Tower is achieved by a differential of mass between the concrete base and the mast; however, the foundation depth of the Tower is not more than 5 meters.

The observation deck is located at high 337 meters. The space of the deck is equipped with binoculars in the viewpoints. Part of the floor in the deck is made of glass – it is the look which is absolutely taking the breath away!

Cloudy sky or rain may obstruct the view strongly.

Please note the special regulations:

  • You should have your personal ID about you to buy a ticket and visit the TV Tower;
  • Keep your ticket until the end of excursion;
  • Visiting of the tower is allowed for the persons from 7 years old.
  • See the full visit regulation to avoid any problems.

You can buy tickets to the Ostankino TV Tower:

Open hours and price

Daily from 10 to 22

Ticket office

Monday-Thursday – from 10 to 20.55, Friday-Sunday – from 10 to 21.55

Ticket price

One hour visit to the TV Tower observation deck 337 meters:


  • Adults 1100 rubles
  • Children 600 rubles.

Special price for 10.00 and 11.00 visit

  • Adults 700 rubles
  • Children 400 rubles

Saturday, Sunday, and state holidays

  • Adults 1300 rubles
  • Children 700 rubles.

How to get to the Ostankino TV Tower

15/2, Akademika Korolyova Ulitsa, Moscow

In the Russian language – Москва, ул. Академика Королева, 15 к.2

Metro station:

“Butyrskaya” (Бутырская) line 10 (light green) – 1,5 km walking


The Ostankino TV Tower website

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