Find Out Russia

Russia is a huge country. Russia is the largest land area in the world; the distance between south and north borders is more than 4000 km, and between west and east borders is more than 10000 km. Various landscape, a lot of ethnic groups, a wealth of culture and history make this country the very interesting place for tourism.

Everyone can find something interesting, there are many museums and exhibitions, the world-class theatres and shows, the unique nature reserves, festivals and many other events.

Find your way to know Russia:

Tourism destinations red

Central Federal District

Moscow  Tula      Kostroma  Tambov

…More destinations in Central Federal District…

Northwestern Federal District

St.Petersburg (2)    Kaliningrad  Pskov  Vologda

…More destinations in Northwestern Federal District…

Southern Federal District

Sochi  Rostov-na-Donu  Krasnodar  Volgograd

…More destinations in Southern Federal District…

Privolzhsky (Volga) Federal District

Samara  Saransk  Nizhniy Novgorod  Saratov

…More destinations in Privolzhsky (Volga) Federal District…

Ural Federal District


…More destinations in Ural Federal District…

Siberian Federal District

Republic of Altai

Omsk  Irkutsk

 …More destinations in the Siberian Federal District…

North Caucasian Federal District

…More destinations in the North Caucasian Federal District…

Far Eastern Federal District

Chukotka Autonomous Area  Vladivostok  Blagoveshchensk  Kamchatka

 …More destinations in Far Eastern Federal District…

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